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Wednesday, 23 May

CoFounder Meetup – Let’s Pitch in Haifa


Place:In-Vent the Haifa Hub

Address:Hanamal 28, Haifa

Hosted by: Keith HarrisonYariv Lipshitz

About the Event

The Plan?
Let’s Pitch is a simple concept, let’s all come together to mingle with others seeking to build startups. Any attendee who wants to say who they are and what they seek to the entire group have 60 seconds to speak followed by 120 seconds of questions, then we all target who you want to follow up with.

The what?
An event to bring business and technical people together to discuss projects to cofound.

Who should attend?
Anyone who aspires to start or be part of a startup, business & technical professionals.

– Speak briefly about what your idea is and what partner(s) you seek
– Pitch or present your concept
– Just say who you are and the type of project you seek

More information Registration 20180523 2017-05-04 18:00:00 Europe/London CoFounder Meetup – Let’s Pitch in Haifa May the force be with you In-Vent the Haifa Hub Hanamal 28, Haifa Luke Skywalker luke@starwars.com