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Tuesday, 23 October

Join at Investors panel – Ecosystem boundaries



Hanamal 28, Haifa

Hosted by: In-Vent The Haifa

About the Event

we will hear from leading Israeli investors about the issue of geographical distance between investors and start-ups.

Many entrepreneurs in peripheral cities in Israel and around the world are facing the issue of geographic distance from investors.

The kind of questions that are repeatedly coming up:
“Should we move to a central city in order to attract investors?”
“Do we need to develop our product/idea in our city and move only when we get to investment point?”
or maybe, in some cases, it’s not an issue at all…

In this current lecture, we will hear from leading investors in Israel, whether the geographic distance is indeed a factor for investors and whether it should be a factor for entrepreneurs.

Suitable entrepreneurs, who looking for investment, could meet with the participating investors. Please leave your details and we will contact you: https://goo.gl/gechYN

About the investors:
Omri Green- Principal, Grove Ventures: Omri has been leading sales and business activities globally in different companies focusing on utilities and different industry verticals. Prior to joining Grove, Omri was leading APAC activities in Claroty (part of Team8 group) and was co-founder and Vice President of business development at ICS2.

Izhar Shay – Managing General Partner, Canaan Partners Israel: Izhar focuses on investments in Mobile, Digital Media, Internet, Communications and Software. He is a board member at Drupe, Regulus Cyber, Rollout.io, Apertio and LiveU, and until recently he was a board member at Prime Sense, which was acquired by Apple, Viewbix, which was acquired by Algomizer and N-trig, acquired by Microsoft.

Itay Glick- Senior advisor, Angel funds: The CEO, chairman and founder of Votiro, a Cybersecurity firm established in 2010 for 8 years. Achieving extreme growth, bringing the company to multi-million USD of global revenues, raising capital from various investors, while establishing a leading position in the global CDR technology market, resulting in recognition by Deloitte as a Fast 50 company. Itay also held leading positions at Verint and the 8200 cyber-intelligence unit, where he was credited with multiple awards. These days, Itay serves as a senior consultant in a few Angel funds in order to help them find the best and most suitable investment.

** We invite you to come, enjoy quality time, appetizers and drinks :))

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Hanamal 28, Haifa
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