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Monday, 05 November

Join the IBM conference 1 – Haifa Vips 2018


Place:IBM מעבדת המחקר של

Address:מעבדות המחקר יבמ , חיפה

About the Event


We’re very happy to share the news about our upcoming ViPS seminar. This event, scheduled for November 5 and 6 brings together the top technology trends in verification, privacy, and security. The event will take place at IBM Research – Haifa, located next to the Haifa University campus.

A new synergy between verification, security and privacy has become apparent in recent years. The new face of these domains spans exciting technologies, including AI and analytics, privacy legislation, cybersecuirty, cryptography, verification methods, and quantum computing. That’s why we decided to revamp our yearly HVC conference and our Security & Privacy seminar with a fresh 360 perspective, combining the most vital aspects of verification, privacy and security – hence the new name: ViPShttps://www.research.ibm.com/haifa/conferences/ViPS18/index.shtml

November 5, 2018

08:30    Registraion
09:00 Welcome
Moshe Levinger, IBM
09:15 Keynote: Start up nation. Government facilitating innovation
Aharon Aharon, Israel Innovation Authority
10:15 Break

Analytics Everywhere- Harnessing Data Analytics for Verification and Security

10:30 Classifying Data /using Visual Structures – Changing How We Do Verification
Hagai Arbel, Vtool
11:05 code2seq: Generating Sequences from Structured Representations of Code
Uri Alon, Technion
11:40 Is my Machine Learning Model Performing as Expected? Automatically Detecting Data Drift
Orna Raz, IBM Research
12:15 Break

Verification and Security of Automotive

12:30 Humanizing the Future of Mobility: A Formal AV Communication Language Towards Acceptance of Autonomy
Gila Kamhi, General Motors
13:00 A Practical Approach for the Verification of Functional Safety of Automotive Semiconductors
Jamil Mazawi, Optima Design Automation
13:30 Lunch
14:45 Keynote: Background → Meltdown → Spectre → Foreshadow
Daniel Genkin, University of Michigan
15:45 A Quarter Century of POWER Processor Verification: How the Complexity of Server Processors Has Driven Verification Innovation
John Ludden, IBM Systems
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