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Tuesday, 23 October

Join The User Experience Meetup with the WE Organization


Place:Shutterfly Offices

Address:HaPalyam Boulevard 7 Floor 9 · Haifa

Hosted by: Haifa Tech Talk

About the Event

For our opening Meetup of the new year, we are having a set of talks with special guests. We will be having 3 women from the WE organisation (Women experience) from the North branch.
All are specialists in User Experience and will talk about different aspects of that.

=== Breaking silos to make a great product: how UX and QA team up ===

In 2013, PTC’s QA department began to utilize UX tools and methods as part of its routine procedures for testing the company’s complex software systems. In this talk I will describe a unique process I have been leading at PTC that encouraged QA professionals to test and validate the products from the user’s point of view.

 Na’ama Shapira  is a Senior UX designer at PTC – a global software company that delivers technologies for a smart connected world. She leads the cross-board processes of User Centered Design, standardization, and interdisciplinary collaboration. She teaches engineers how to think like designers.

=== Made for China ===

China, that was up until recently, a source of copycat and imitation, is also responsible, in the last several years, for some innovative technological products that have become a source of inspiration for western products. In this talk I’ll describe several Chinese products, how they were created and the interesting state of mind behind them.

 Gila Corem  is a UX designer and Product manager. She studied at the Technion and Tufts University and worked in large and small companies. Two years ago she founded NUKADIMA, an innovation catalyst for corporates. She lectures and teaches UX and Product design.

=== Microcopy: Your users will fall in love ===

Microcopy is the words on your digital product that are guiding, motivating and delighting users. For example: Buttons, error messages, sign-up and login forms, input fields, hints, confirmation messages and more.

In this presentation, you’ll get acquainted with principles and practical tools for writing great microcopy that turns every technical word into a meaningful conversation.

The presentation is illustrated by dozens of real-life screenshots.

Kinneret Yifrah  – Founder of Nemala – Microcopy Studio; Writes microcopy for websites, apps and complex systems by the leading companies in Israel; Leads the Israeli microcopy community; Author of Microcopy: The Complete Guide; lectures in conferences and gives microcopy workshops.

* This presentations will be in Hebrew.

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