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Tuesday, 20 February

Keeping the noisy cloud neighbros happy


Place:HiCenter Ventures

Address:Sderot HaMeginim 32, Haifa

Hosted by: Eran Stiller

About the Event

Multitenancy is a software architecture pattern in which a single instance of software serves multiple groups of users (known as tenants or organizations). Many modern SaaS applications use this pattern to serve their customers with maximum efficiency while maintaining operational costs low. But how do you build a multitenant application right? How do you secure one tenant’s information from another tenant’s users? How do you keep operational costs low? How do you monitor and manage this stuff?

In other words – how do you keep the neighbors happy??

In this session you will gain architecture practices for architecting multitenant SaaS applications, learnt from migrating real applications to the cloud so that you won’t have to learn them the hard way, along with implementation tips and tricks on Microsoft Azure.

Eran Stiller is a software architect, consultant, instructor and technology addict. With many years of experience in software development and architecture, Eran is recognized as a Microsoft MVP on Microsoft Azure for his contribution to technical communities worldwide. A Co-Founder at CodeValue Ltd., Eran practices software architecture at various clients on an almost daily basis, reviewing many designs in many professional fields. As CodeValue’s CTO, Eran is in charge of learning and promoting the usage of various technologies and platforms throughout CodeValue’s projects and customer solutions. Cold beers and snacks will be waiting for you at the event!
See you there.

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