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Home / Startups / Applied Immune Technologies
Applied Immune Technologies

Applied Immune Technologies

T-Cell Receptor Like Antibodies for Therapeutic Applications

Applied Immune Technologies (AIT) is a drug development company specializing in T-cell-receptor-like (TCRL) antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications in a variety of cancer, viral, and autoimmune diseases. The company also focuses on identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets. AIT’s core technology platforms encompass the identification and validation of novel MHC-based targets, as well as the development of therapeutic human recombinant TCRL antibodies with the ability to bind with these intracellular peptide/MHC complexes with the specificity of cytotoxic T-cell killer cells. AIT’s technologies have the potentialto drive a pipeline of therapeutic TCRL antibodies for intracellularly derived, disease-specific targets that normally are not accessible to conventional antibodies. TCRL antibodies also have diagnostic applications in vaccine design, validation, and monitoring, as well as analysis of antigen presentation in disease.

Sectors: Pharmaceuticals

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Fundraising stage:

Round A

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Clinical trial

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Haifa, Israel

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