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Home / Startups / OHK Medical Devices
OHK Medical Devices

OHK Medical Devices

Single-use Surgical Tourniquets

OHK Medical Devices Inc manufactures and sells products for orthopedic and vascular surgery and emergency medicine. Its core patent-protected technology comprises a line of single-use devices for the quick and effective displacement of blood from the limbs and the blocking of its re-entry. OHKs HemaClear products are sterile and widely used to create a bloodless surgical field. HemaClear single-use surgical tourniquets combine two key functions: the exsanguination of blood from an extremity and the creation of an effective arterial block. HemaClear tourniquets enable healthcare staff to obtain a bloodless surgical field within seconds without the need for any additional equipment. The tourniquets are available in a wide range of sizes, for both upper and lower extremities, to fit any patient. The narrow profile of the device provides the surgeon with the widest surgical field, promoting an improved surgical experience. Once applied, the tourniquets provide a 100% sterile orthopedic field. Studies have shown that the use of HemaClear sterile tourniquets dramatically reduces post-procedural complications. OHK recently launched its EED product line for use in emergency medicine, in which it auto-transfuses a patients own blood from the limbs into central circulation during severe shock and CPR.

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Sderot HaPalyam 16, Haifa, Israel

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